Teacher, I Have a Doubt (Doubt or Question? with Native Brazilian Portuguese Speaker and English Educator, Miguel)


Teacher, I have a doubt… or do I have a question?
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Hello everyone. Today’s podcast is a special episode. It is a conversation with a young man in Brazil who is a native Portuguese speaker and is also an English teacher in Brazil. His name is Miguel.
We talk about the differences between the word ‘doubt’ and the word ‘question’ in English. Many Brazilian learners mistranslate the word ‘dúvida’. However, it is not as simple as saying: 'Dúvida’ in Portuguese is the same as ‘question’ in English. It’s more complicated than that. 
Listen to my conversation with Miguel to learn more. 
Also, this is not just a problem for native Brazilian Portuguese speakers. Perhaps you are from a different county, but it is still not clear to you what the differences between the words ‘doubt’ and ‘question’ are. This conversation with Miguel may help you as well.
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I hope you enjoy my conversation with Miguel.




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