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"ED" Endings, Part 2 (Adjectives) - Podcast Episode 36

Audio Transcript :  Welcome to episode 36 of The English Sessions. ED Endings, Part 2 (Adjectives). I am your host and English teacher, Mike Butler. These podcasts can help you improve your English! Together, we will talk about grammar… pronunciation… structure... and have some fun too. Remember to visit my website, to contact me for private lessons, and for more content. You can also read the transcript of this audio  on the website as you listen to this episode. Listen for this word today: Pace - ‘to pace’ means to walk back and forth and back and forth. Someone may pace if they are feeling anxious, or annoyed. In Episode 1 of the English Sessions, we talked about how to pronounce the ‘e’ in the ‘ED’ endings of verbs in English. Do you remember the rule to follow? The ‘e’ should be silent if the verb ends in ED, unless there is a ’t’ or a ‘d’ before the ‘ED’ ending. Examples of when you would pronounce the ‘e’ then, would be words like ‘started’ and ‘f

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