Story or History? - Podcast Episode 6

PRONUNCIATION: Same amount of syllables? No!
    ▪    Story [Stor-“ee”] - Two syllables
    ▪    History [His-tor-“ee”] - Three syllables

Audio Transcript:
Welcome to episode 6 of The English Sessions. Story or History? I am your host and English teacher, Mike Butler. These podcasts can help you improve your English! Together, we will talk about grammar… pronunciation… structure... and have some fun too. Remember to visit my website, to contact me for private lessons, and for more content.
You can also read the transcript of this audio as you listen to this episode.

Listen for these words today:
- Plot twist. A “plot twist” is when something unexpected happens in a book, film, TV program, etc.

We have a short lesson today, and I have a question for you. Do you know when to use ‘story’ and when to use ‘history’ in English?

Here’s a test:

Which is better? “I read a great book this week. The story had many plot twists. OR The history had many plot twists.

Ok, how about this one?

Which is better? “I learned about the history of World War II today. OR: I learned about the story of World War II today.

I will tell you which is better at the end of the episode.

Let’s start with “story”. “Story” is most often used to describe information that is used for the purpose of entertainment. Your favorite TV shows, movies, books, all have great stories. That’s why you like them. You like them because of the stories they tell.

History is information about the past. It is the study of past events. ALL of the past as a whole is our history. For example, “I studied European History at my university”.

Sometimes a story can be about history. “I loved that movie! I feel that I now know a lot more about the history of … salmon fishing in the Arctic Circle.

And, yes, you guessed it. These are the most common ways to use ‘story’ and ‘history’, but both are used in other ways, and in informal ways. Do you have any examples you want to share? Write to us, or leave a message for the podcast!

Which is better? ANSWER: “I read a great book this week. The story had many plot twists.

Which is better? ANSWER:  “I learned about the history of World War II today

So, remember, “story” for what happens in your favorite TV shows, books, movies… and ‘history’ is the recording of events from the past. There is a difference in English.

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