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Other or Another?!

Welcome to episode 2 of The English Sessions. Other or another. I am your host and English teacher, Mike Butler. These podcasts can help you improve your English! Together, we will talk about grammar… pronunciation… structure... and have some fun too. Remember to visit my website, www.englishsessionswithmike.com to contact me for private lessons, and for more content.
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Listen for these words today:
- A “mix-up” is mistaking one thing for something else. “There was a mix-up at the store. I bought green peppers, but I was supposed to get red peppers”.
- “To worry” means to have a lot of anxiety or concern about something. “I worry about the economy”.
- “To recap” means to summarize, or repeat. “Let’s recap the important details”.
- “Bear with me” is an expression that means “Please, be patient for a moment”. “Bear with me, I must  make a phone call”.
- “To replace” means to be the substitute for something.

I have a test for you. Which is correct?

A) I think I will have other drink - OR - B) I think I will have another drink.

How about this one?

A) I have another things to worry about - OR - B) I have other things to worry about.

I will tell you the correct answers at the end of the class.

A common mix-up I hear from my students is about the two words ‘other’ and ‘another’. What is the difference? Well don’t worry, because Mike is here to help! It is important to remember that ‘other’ and ‘another’ are determiners. What are determiners? It is a grammar word. We will talk about determiners much more in another episode. Just remember, ‘determiners’ come before nouns.

For our example, ‘cup’ is the noun after the determiner. “May I have another cup of coffee, please?” This is correct! “Another” will always talk about one more of something. Often, something additional. It is always before a SINGULAR noun. That means that we can use ‘cup’, but not ‘cups’. “Cups” is a plural noun. You cannot say, “May I have another cups of coffee, please?”.  Think of “another” as literally “an other”. You cannot use “a” or “an” before a plural noun. So, to recap: “another cup” is correct; “another plate”; “another fork”, are correct. “Another cups” is incorrect. “Another forks” is incorrect.

So, “other” is before plural nouns, then. Right? Yes, but not always. Ok ok, just bear with me. “Other” is OFTEN before plural nouns. For example, “I have many cups. Some are blue. My other cups are green.” “Other cups” is correct here. Do you remember that ‘another’ is just “an other, but as one word”? Well, ‘other’ can have different words before it too! “Some other”; “the other”; “no other”; “any other”. Sometimes, this can be singular. Remember, this means before a word like “cup”, not “cups”. “I have no other option. Have some other person help you! I don’t have any other choice. The other cake tastes better than this one”. All of those sentences have a singular noun after ‘other’! So, do you remember? Is “the other cups” correct? Yes! Is “the other cup” correct? Yes! BUT, “I have other cup” is INCORRECT, only “I have other cups” is correct.

It is important to tell you, that ‘other’ and ‘another’ can also be pronouns! Oh no, not another grammar word! Just remember, a pronoun can replace the noun in a sentence. What do I mean? Here is an example. Do you remember this sentence, “I have many cups. Some are blue. Other cups are green”? Well, we don’t need the word ‘cups’ at all! Listen: “I have many cups. Some are blue. Others are green.” Did you hear that? I replaced “cups” with “others”. “Others” is now the plural noun! Or, technically plural pronoun. “Some are blue. Others are green”.

Can we do this with “another” as well? Yes! Do you remember my example for “another”? May I have another cup of coffee, please? Well, guess what! You don’t need those nouns! Listen: “May I have another, please?”. Maybe the server at the café already knows you were drinking coffee. You don’t need to tell the server again.

So, back to the test. Which is correct?

A) I think I will have other drink - OR - B) I think I will have another drink.

That’s right! Letter “B” is correct. “I think I will have another drink”.

And this one?

A) I have another things to worry about - OR - B) I have other things to worry about.

That’s right! “B” again! “B” is correct. “I have other things to worry about”.

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  1. Thank you, Mike, for the lesson. I guess I'll never make mistakes on this subject again. I hope so! Tomorrow I'll be doing another lesson.

  2. Just in case, if you happen to see ths comment, could you do a lesson explaining the differences between “look, watch and see “please ? Its just a suggestion. Thanks again for hosting the English session podcast! Its helping me a lot to improve my English 😉😃

    1. Hi Nicky,
      I have already thought of that, and released this as a topic for Episode 4. Here is the link: https://www.englishsessionswithmike.com/2020/04/look-watch-see-whats-difference.html

  3. Thank you Mike, for your podcast!. I hopes you keep make content in your podcast! Thanks again Mike!

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  5. Hi Mike, this website really improve my English. Thank you so much.


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