The English Sessions Podcast Episode: Gerund vs. Gerundio with Andrea from Spanishland School

Welcome to a bonus episode of The English Sessions. Gerund vs. Gerundio with Andrea from Spanishland School.

I am your host and English teacher, Mike Butler. These podcasts can help you improve your English! Together, we will talk about grammar… pronunciation… structure... and have some fun too. Remember to visit my website, to contact me for private lessons, and for more content.

Listen for this word today:

Phenomenal - synonyms for phenomenal are ‘exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable, outstanding, amazing’

Today’s episode is for advanced English learners. It is about a topic that confuses many learners who are native Spanish speakers. It is about the differences between the English ‘gerund’ in English grammar, and the Spanish ‘gerundio’ in Spanish grammar. We discuss the differences between the two, and why we should consider ‘gerund’ to be a false friend (a word or expression that has a similar form to one in a person's native language, but a different meaning).

If you are not a native Spanish speaker, you may still want to listen to this episode. The same differences in translation may apply to your language as well, especially if you also speak a Latin-based language. I thought of another reason to listen to our interview. Perhaps you want to learn Spanish as well as English. Andrea is a phenomenal educator. She has helped me with my Spanish a lot. Make sure to go to to learn more about Andrea and her Spanish learning resources.

Also, make sure to go to:

Why? Because there, you can find the video of my interview with Andrea, as well as MUCH more bonus content, and audio transcripts to recent episodes.

Here is my interview with Andrea from Spanishland School.


Thank you all for listening.

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