Child / Children - Podcast Episode 32

Welcome to episode 32 of The English Sessions. Child/children. I am your host and English teacher, Mike Butler. These podcasts can help you improve your English! Together, we will talk about grammar… pronunciation… structure... and have some fun too. Remember to visit my website, to contact me for private lessons, and for more content.

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Listen for these words today:
To chill - ‘to chill’ means to make something cold. I chilled the beer in the refrigerator. ‘Chill’ can also mean just ‘to relax, and spend time with people”. I’m chillin’ with my friends tonight.

Hi everybody. This is a short episode today. It is about an irregular noun. That’s right, ‘child’. A child is a young person, who is not yet an adult.

Do you say: 1 child, 2 childs? NO. Because it is an irregular verb.

So what should you say? I child, 2 children. Notice the difference in pronunciation as well. 1 child… this is a long ‘I’ vowel sound. Child. Child rhymes with wild, or mild.

Children, however, has a different vowel sound. Children has a short ‘I’ sound. Chil chil chil… like the word chill, or fill, or grill, or bill.

So, repeat after me. I have one child. He has two children. One child. Two children. Three children. Four children. Child / children. Are you a child listening to this? Or, do you have children? Write in to the podcast and say hi! I’d like to get to know you!

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